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Student Insight: An Afternoon at Officeworks

Student Contribution: Zoe Ellis

With trimester starting, there’s one place you can guarantee you’ll find local law students. Officeworks. Our correspondent decided to make the journey to Officeworks Glen Waverly to see if she could catch some students, and it was no surprise that she was successful.

The first to exit the blue monolith was second-year Nadine Dupont. Standing out the front of the double doors, Nadine clutched a six-pack of Stabilo Pastel Highlighters and several pristine binders.

“I just had to come. I had my first day of torts today, and as the lecturer was speaking, I realised just how unprepared I was. I made the trip down as soon as class let out.”

Nadine still hasn’t looked into getting a copy of her torts textbook, but equipped with her new highlighters, she thinks she’ll "be alright".

Next out was fifth-year Muhammed Khan, who, curiously, was carrying a graphing calculator.

“I have an in-person exam this trimester. It’s open book, but the unit guide says we’re also allowed a calculator if we want. I can’t figure out what I would need a calculator for in International Law, but it would feel wrong not to bring it, you know? I just want to be prepared.”

Our correspondent failed to record any other interviews during the course of the afternoon. She denies ever having entered the Officeworks herself, however our editors report seeing a suspicious packet of sharpies in her bag upon her return to our offices.

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