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Social Justice and Equity

The Society Justice and Equity portfolio aims to encourage discussion around contemporary legal and social issues and aims to encourage a culture of compassionate, informed and socially conscious law students. The portfolio intends to address the critical role the law plays in addressing inequalities which ultimately creates meaningful change within society. The portfolio works to promote Deakin Law students’ diversity and is committed to ensuring that the Law School is inclusive of all students who wish to study Law. 


Though our initiatives and events the SJE portfolio covers a variety of areas such as ender and LGBTQIA+ diversity in the law, migration law, Indigenous recognition, climate action, volunteering in the law, and more. The portfolio includes three SJE Officers and one Queer Officer who sit under the SJE Director.

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2024 Events

The key events this year for the SJE Portfolio include:


  • Gender and LQBTQIA+ Diversity in the Law Keynote Address

  • Volunteering in the Law Expo

  • Climate Change and the Law Panel

  • Legal Advocacy and Reform Panel

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