Joining the DLSS as a committee member is open to anyone who is enrolled in a unit that contributes to a Bachelor of Laws at Deakin. There are a few ways you can formally join the committee.

For first year students, two positions, one male and one female, open at the beginning of Trimester 1 for ‘First Year Representatives’. Elections are held in lectures for first year units and representatives are chosen by their peers.

All students may join the committee through our Annual General Meeting, held at the end of Trimester 2 each year. At the AGM, all positions are declared vacant and any eligible candidate can nominate themselves for any role they wish.

A final option is to nominate for a vacant position listed in a Special General Meeting. A SGM will be held where there is a vacancy on the committee that must be filled. Notice of a SGM will be listed on the DLSS website two weeks prior to the election date.

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