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The DLSS Marketing Portfolio is responsible for the image of the DLSS through the management of all of the DLSS social media platforms, promotion of all of the events by each portfolio throughout the year, and the design and distribution of DLSS merchandise.


The Marketing team are passionate in ensuring that as many Deakin Law students as possible are informed about all of the incredible opportunities that are available to them throughout their time at Uni.


In 2023, the Marketing team is comprised of Lucy Terry as Director and Remi Curie, Cameron Sweeney, Roya Kakar and Lavenia Goga as Officers with the new addition of Ross Agelopoulous as Video Officer. The team are all looking forward to a creative, fun and successful year and to connect with as many students as possible!


Contact Lucy at for any Marketing enquiries and make sure to follow the DLSS on social media to keep up to date.

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