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Et Cetera

Et Cetera is the flagship publication of the DLSS, published bi-annually. It features a range of exciting and interesting articles from legal professionals, as well as other content from the DLSS and our sponsors. 

You can access the most recent edition of Et Cetera here, and all other editions here.

The Memo

Who are the DLSS? What do we do? How many cups of coffee does each portfolio drink? The answers to all these questions and more can be found here, in The Memo. 


Clerkship Guide

There's so much to know about Clerkships. Find in depth infomration from various firms, tips and tricks from students who have successfully secured clerkships and more useful information in the Seasonal Clerkship guide. Find the 2022 edition here


First Year Guide

Are you a first year student who needs a short guide to starting uni? Are you a non-first-year student who can't quite remember how to be a uni student? Check out the First Year Guide here for everything you need to know.


Juris Doctorate Guide

Are you a JD student who needs a crash course on your course? Has it been a while since you were at uni and you aren't sure if the places you used to get your textbooks is still the place to get textbooks? Do you just want to feel like you have a slightly better idea about what you're undertaking? Find all the information you need (and probably some you don't) in the JD Guide, here!


DLSS Volunteer Handbook

The Volunteer Handbook is for students who want to use their law degree to volunteer, but don’t know where to start. For in depth information on where and how to get involved in volunteering opportunities, check out the handbook here

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