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Statement Against Sexual Harassment 

The Deakin Law Students' Society stands together to condemn the occurrence of sexual harassment in the legal workplace. 


The Deakin Law Students' Society is strongly committed to the values of safety, equity, and fairness, for law students and those working in the legal field. Those working in the legal field are entitled to a respectful environment, one that is free from sexual harassment.


Unfortunately, the Review of Sexual Harassment in Victorian Courts and VCAT demonstrated that the legal field brings with it high levels of sexual harassment, which we deem unacceptable.


As incoming lawyers, we acknowledge the importance of educating law students on the importance of respectful work environments. 


The Deakin Law Students’ Society’s events, including the Law Ball, Law Camp and others, are planned with student safety at the forefront, and sexual harassment is not tolerated. 


The Deakin Law Students’ Society exists to support students in many areas of their education, career and wellbeing, and in cases of sexual harassment, will assist students in taking any desired steps to address the issues they deem to be appropriate, including, but not limited to, providing resources to aid in the reporting to relevant authorities and providing information about Deakin’s Counselling and Support Services.

We also acknowledge that discussing circumstances of sexual harassment can be a traumatic experience in and of itself and should be limited to conversations between the relevant party and qualified professionals who may able to assist with substantive remedies. Discussing these details falls outside of our abilities, but the Deakin Law Students’ Society is committed to assisting students by referring them to the appropriate bodies as such students may wish.

If you, or someone you know is experiencing sexual harassment, please contact 1800 RESPECT.  

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