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Law school can be a lot. Even on its own. That's not even considering other commitments; work, social life, family...some days it can feel never ending. The mission of the DLSS is to make everything a little easier, and support you in your law school journey. 

Support needs to be wholistic, so we are aiming to provide multifaceted support. Check out the resources below. 

Your wellbeing should always be priority number one. For a wealth of wellbeing resources from the amazing Education team, have a look at our Wellbeing page. 

Thinking of life after law school can be overwhelming. Through events to network, panels to educate and exam sessions to study, the DLSS tries our best to help take some of the stress out of the 'after'. On the careers page, you can find a set of resources to give you so more guidance, from current job opportunities to industry-specific resources. 


'Getting involved' is important. It's also a big source of stress for students how know they should be involved, but can't figure out how. Have a look at our publications, sign up for our newsletter or contact us for information on how to get more involved, including existing opportunities.

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