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Industry Careers

The Industry Careers portfolio focuses on providing students with unique opportunities to learn about areas of the law outside of commercial spaces. Their events cater towards students who are interested in learning about other areas of the law, such as criminal law, family law, sports law and  personal injury law. to inform law students of the array of legal opportunities available to them.

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Events and Initiatives

The Industry Careers Portfolio provides a unique array of events and resources to students, including networking events, written publications and podcasts. 


Before the Court

Before the Court is one of the only LSS podcasts in the country. Tune in for intriguing episodes that give a personal insight into the lives and careers of various legal professionals, many Deakin Alumni.  


An Evening with Industry Professionals

An Evening With Industry Professionals is an exciting networking event run by the Industry Careers portfolio each year, which provides students with an amazing opportunity to network with lawyers in Industry firms. Check back for more details on the 2023 event.  


Events and Publications

In 2024, the Industry Careers Portfolio is excited to bring forth engaging events and publications to better your law school experience.


In particular, the portfolio was proud to launch the 2023 Industry Careers Guide, which can be found here.

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