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Communications is your one-stop-shop for all written communication. Want to read an article by a legal professional in a field you're interested in? Check out Et Cetera! Need a break from studying/procrastinating? Have a giggle at Damages Incurred, the DLSS's satire blog. If it's written down, it's Communications. 


Sometimes it feels like the scales of justice aren't just imbalanced, they're doing cartwheels and laughing at you. It's moments like those that inspire Damages Incurred, our student-favourite weekly satire blog. 

Have a look at all our past editions for a pick me up, or email us if you would like to write for us!

Do you want your writing in a published legal magazine? Et Cetera is the place. We are always looking for student submissions. If you would like to write for us, please email us.

Not sure you want to write but looking for something to read? Have a look at past editions of Et Cetera.


The Communications Portfolio is not just responsible for Damages Incurred and Et Cetera. We handle all written communication for the DLSS, including managing the website. We also produce 'The Memo', a publication where you can learn more about the DLSS Committee, the First Year Guide and JD Guide, in which you can learn everything you need to know about starting Law school, and Firm Spotlight, a blog that provides a unique insight into various Law Firms. 

In 2023, Communications is excited to better serve Deakin Law students, through initiatives including: 

  • University Skills Guide, your in depth look at uni skills including the dreaded AGLC. 

  • Et Cetera in print!

  • A new and improved DLSS website to streamline your online experience. 

For all enquiries, please contact Zoe at

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