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Et Cetera

Et Cetera 2023 is here!

Ever wish you could sit down and have a coffee with every legal professional you see on LinkedIn and pick their brain? We certainly do. That has been the inspiration for Trimester One's edition of 'Et Cetera'. Flick through conversations with lawyers who practice everything from criminal to commercial law, and everything in between.

Special thanks to our contributors:

  • Gavin Choong, Grata Fund

  • Shiri Krebs

  • John Petras

  • Michael Stafford

  • Jason Walker

  • Mari Chaffey Jones

  • Stuart Wood

  • Madeleine Van Basten Batenburg

  • David Coombes

  • Alexandra Gonos

  • Stuart Lewin

  • Katrina Davis

  • Jim Bisas

You can access past editions of Et Cetera here

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