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Et Cetera

Et Cetera 2023 is here!

Et Cetera is the flagship publication of the Deakin Law Students' Society (DLSS). It seeks to reflect the Deakin Law School zeitgeist of the time, and resonates with the interests of Deakin Law students. It aims to provoke thoughtful discussion about issues relevant to our readers as students, future legal professionals and citizens of the world.


In this special edition of Et Cetera, dive deep into the nuanced world of criminal and family law, learning about the myriad of places careers in these industries will take you.


Special thanks to our contributors:

  • Maryam Badvi

  • Menoz Bowler

  • Juliana Dleikan

  • Jade Briani Hopper

  • Annette Lakey

  • Vinh Nguyen

  • Dan Nicholson

  • Sophie Parsons

  • Bonnie Phillips

  • Keturah Sageman

  • Alfina Samaras

You can access past editions of Et Cetera here

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