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Study finds dismal employment prospects for law graduates, causing hysteria amongst current students

Student Contribution: Jordan Cook

Law students are a competitive bunch. They love to brag about their scores, participate in any debate imaginable and are incredibly ego-driven. This allure of law being a respected, engaging and challenging field however comes crashing down the moment law students enter their final years.

Suddenly law school becomes all about who can get experience first, who has been doing a summer clerkship and how can you possibly get an offer from your dream firm! Resumes are becoming more detailed, students are participating in everything and anything imaginable and everyone wants a job. This is not aided by the fact that in practice, the legal job market is oversaturated and the law is not a growing profession.

Our correspondent sits down with a penultimate student, James to gain further insight.

“Look, I thought law would be something that my parents would be proud of, and, you know - it was always a viable option as a high-paying job with good prospects, I mean people need lawyers!

That quickly changed however when I realised how many law students there actually are and how little jobs. Students will do anything to stand out! I wanted to get out but it was too late - all of the late nights, emotional trauma, cancelled parties and not to mention the crushing debt… I guess I just have to keep going.”

Our correspondent, a second year law student himself, was looking fairly pale after the interview and our office does admit to regretting using such a young and naive law student.

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