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An Ode to the Bee Movie, The Ultimate Piece of Law Media

Student Contribution: Zoe Ellis

Barry B. How can I thank thee?

I first saw you in 2008. It began, me on my couch and you on the screen. You appeared on Saturday Night Movies. You were after Funniest Home Videos, but there was nothing funny about your legal prowess.

I had never seen someone grasp the law as you did. From the moment you buzzed into the courtroom, it was yours. You opened your tiny bee mouth and lawyerly brilliance flowed out, like honey from the hive.

You took down witnesses like nobody’s business, tearing them to shreds as you made them admit their hypocrisy.

You threw line after line, and I was hooked just like the jury. ‘They make the honey, and we make the money.’ I can only dream of being a lawyer with that kind of gravitas.

You were the new David and Goliath. You took on the entire human race. The judge was against you, the world was against you. But just as bees shouldn’t fly and do, you shouldn’t have won and did.

When you won your case, Barry B. Benson, I knew law was the place for me. There was no one I wanted to bee, but you.

Now, years later, I am a law student. And I could not bee more grateful for the path I am on, because of you



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