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The 60–80-hour work week!?

Student Contribution: Chamodhi Polwatta

Lawyers are a busy bunch. Working case after case, long hours and late nights are a common theme, at least according to our DI correspondent’s favourite Hollywood TV show Suits.

However, when it came to real life, our Correspondent was shocked to learn the truth.

Whilst flipping through her law textbook, our Correspondent reported that she almost choked on her own breath as she read that most lawyers were expected to endure the burden of a 60–80-hour workweek.

Furiously calculating the meagre number of hours remaining of the week, and helplessly trying to divide that among sleep, a social life, and spending time with loved ones nearly drove the poor student crazy.

How do they expect us to have a life? I love the Law, but not enough for it to consume my whole life!” our Correspondent cried.

Absolutely terrified of the future, our Correspondent reported that she was unsure of whether she even wanted to proceed with her law degree.

Casey now spends her days educating existing law students, and students expressing interest in studying law, of the 60-80 workweek.

Meanwhile, she is religiously attending her regular counselling sessions in an attempt to keep her remaining sanity intact.

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