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Final year student briefly forgets they still have exams left

It turns out, the light at the end of the tunnel can be blinding.

Final year Commerce/Law student Victoria Clarke is now 9 weeks into her final semester at Deakin. Every passing week had brought a different ‘last.’ Last introductory lecture, last mid sem break, last Census date, last assignment. The milestones don’t stop coming, each one lifting a different weight off her shoulders.

“It’s so wild to think that all of these dates I built my life around over the past 5 years no longer mean anything to me.” Clarke told Damages Incurred.

After turning in her final assignment ever last week, the feeling of utter relief and joy was a bit too immense to be practical.

Reports found that when Victoria was introducing herself at a networking event, her eyes widened for a split second as she grappled with her sudden identity crisis.

“I just like, forgot I was still a student because it feels like the student experience is already over for me. Amongst work, volunteering and grad applications, being a student just fell off my list of identifiers.”

However, this is far from the truth. Alongside keeping up with her remaining lectures, Victoria had one last bastion left before she could disconnect herself from student life: her exam.

“This exam seems like simultaneously the biggest and smallest barrier left. Like, it’s just another exam among literally 30 other ones I’ve done, but it’s also the last obstacle between me and my degrees. It’s hard not to both forget it exists and get caught up in the hype of it.”

Victoria’s exam will be completed during week 1, after which she will be googling creative at-home graduation ceremony ideas.

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