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Breaking: Law Student Wears DLSS Merch To Indicate That He Studies Law

Student contribution: Antonia Seriatos (I swear, I'm not a corporate sellout)

A local student has made the humble decision to wear DLSS merch to show everyone that he studies law, it is reported.

Having experienced his first year of law school in the confines of his bedroom during Melbourne’s lockdown, second-year straight Law student Simon Smith reports that he decided to ‘spice things up’ for his first year on campus by wearing his brand-new DLSS sweatshirt to class.

When interviewed by Damages Incurred during O’Week, Simon said “I think for my first day back on campus I will just stick with the hoodie as anything else may be overkill. I reckon I might even incorporate my DLSS keep cup into tomorrow’s fit, but I will definitely hold off until revision week to bring in my DLSS notebook.”

Simon has been eager to wear his DLSS merch ever since he received his offer to study law back in 2019. He attributes the appeal of wearing merch to how he made his decision to put law over science as his first preference back in Year 12.

Recent studies have found that 80 per cent of Deakin law students are more likely to attend campus once they receive their DLSS merch. Experts have credited their findings to students wanting to show others that they study law. "It's just an overall confidence boost and a way to demonstrate what tribe I belong to," Simon said.

When asked her thoughts on DLSS merchandise, third-year Law/Criminology student Chelsea Evans stated, “it’s like having the scales of justice in your insta bio. If you don’t have them, do you even study law?”

If you think you're as suave as Simon or as chic as Chelsea, why not complement that natural talent with some DLSS merch? You can purchase your very own DLSS merch right here!

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