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Meditation apps to keep you grounded through isolation

Hey team,

We know isolation can be getting a little lonely, because we are all feeling the same way. One really important thing to take care of during this time is your mental health. Although exercise, online shopping and endless tv shows do a pretty good job – why not try meditation? Trust us – it helps.

To benefit from meditation, consistency is key. This does not mean you have to meditate for hours on end, even if you spend 5 minutes a day meditating, you will notice a difference. To integrate meditation into your routine, you could try meditating in the morning before your tea or coffee, on your way to work or your lunch break, or just before bed.

Here are some meditation apps you can try:

Headspace: A personal fav. Try before you subscribe as Headspace offers 10 free basic sessions.

Smiling mind: Awesome, not-for-profit (free – yay!) meditation app that helps people of all ages practice meditation.

Insight timer: Free, created by the public and covers all bases in which one would want to meditate!

While these apps are an awesome tool to help guide meditation, you can meditate without them. For example, if you are going for a walk, take a few minutes to focus on being present and perhaps count your breathing. That’s meditation too.

Remember, meditation is subjective, so what works for someone else, might not work for you. Just remember to keep trying, we can’t wait to see you reap the benefits.

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