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Challenge yourself to some self-care

Round 2 of isolation has made everything just that little bit harder. Not to worry, because we have created a self-care challenge containing 30 challenges, one for each day of September. The idea is for you to tick them all off, completing 1 each day. There is no set order, so do what works for you on the day and lets help each other get through this.

1. Declutter a space – this could be a drawer, shoe space, or your entire room!

2. Go for a walk

3. Call a friend or family member

4. Meditate

5. Write down 3 things you are grateful for

6. Go to sleep without setting an alarm

7. Floss (you’ll thank us later)

8. Cook something yum

9. Write yourself a note for the next day (it could be a to do list, a reminder or a feel-good quote)

10. Stretch

11. Learn a new word

12. Read (something that isn’t your 3kg textbook)

13. Watch a TED talk

14. Compliment yourself

15. Do something today your SWOTVAC self will thank you for

16. Water a plant

17. Sing (or dance) (or both)

18. Have a movie night

19. Pamper yourself with a face mask

20. Have a nap

21. Give yourself a foot massage

22. Spoil yourself with your favourite snack

23. Have a study free day (and don’t feel guilty!)

24. Get some sun

25. Clean your room

26. Listen to a podcast – maybe give the DLSS Podcast a listen!

27. Smile for 10 seconds (trust us on this)

28. Have a cup of your favourite hot drink

29. Watch something funny

30. Set a challenge for next month

It’s the little things that can really contribute to your wellbeing during this time. Don’t be tricked into thinking self-care has to be something you dedicate hours to, as you can see above, it’s doing small things daily that makes a difference.

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