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3 Ways to Spend Your Study Breaks

You’ve heard it all before…“study in short bursts”, “take study breaks”, and (my personal favourite) “your study is more productive after a break!”.

Adding routine and taking breaks is more important than ever, so how should you spend these breaks other than just sitting on your phone scrolling through TikTok? Here are a few ways to use your break time to its full potential, and leave you ready to jump back into study.

1. Go For a Walk to Your Favourite Local Coffee Shop

Chances are there’s a coffee shop a 30-minute, or less, walk from your house or wherever you’re studying. Walking not only is good for your physical health, but your mental health too! Fresh air does wonders to reset your mind, which can often lead to a more productive day! Plus, with gyms closed, it’s a great way to double as your exercise. So grab a coffee, pop on a podcast or your favourite playlist, and go for a walk. Just make sure you keep your distance!

2. Grab a Book

I’m not sure about you, but often when I think about reading my mind jumps to the prescribed readings for Uni! However, sometimes its nice to read something totally unrelated to law!

Remember that pile of books you bought but have never read? Crack it open and give them a read! You might even like to have a read of an old favourite like Harry Potter!

3. Do a Puzzle

Okay this sounds lame, I know. Just hear me out here.

Often when you’re studying, your brain is working really hard, right? Well, when you take a study break sometimes when you come back, your brain has actually switched off. So what about taking a study break that keeps your brain moving but focussing on something other than study? This is where puzzles like sudoku and crosswords can help. There are plenty of free puzzle apps for your phone (but make sure you don’t get distracted!). For example, try this Soduko app, or this crossword puzzle might be more up your alley!

So there you go, now that you have a few ideas for how to spend your very important study breaks, put your pen down, set a timer (so you don’t accidentally spend 2 hours on a break…) and hopefully you’ll come back ready to tackle another block of study.

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