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3 Isolation friendly exercises

Exercising in isolation can be one of the best ways to stay sane! Whether it’s as a quick break from studying or a way to avoid the assignment you’ve left to the last minute, there’s plenty of ways to get your heart rate up without heading to the gym. Check out these 3 easy exercises that can be done in lockdown (you even get to leave the house for one!).

Yoga and Pilates

Getting started with an at home yoga or Pilates workout can seem daunting but is the best way to unwind and destress yourself after a long day at your desk. A quick video can relieve any tight or sore areas that come from bending over a laptop or use a shorter video as a quick study break. Many studios are offering online classes or try out one of the thousands of YouTube classes with videos for all different abilities. The best part? You don’t even have to change out of your pjs to do them! If you want videos to chill, search up Yoga with Adrianne or for something more challenging try Yoga with Tim both on YouTube.

Go for a walk or run

Not only is walking and running a great (and free!) way to get a quick workout in you get to leave the house to do it! Most of us are stuck inside, working, studying and catching up with friends online and the lack of sunshine and vitamin D can have a serious impact on our mood and physical health. The easiest way to get these is a quick walk or run around the block or down to the local park. It doesn’t even have to be fast or difficult, just getting out for five minutes can help. Pop on your favourite playlist or listen to a new podcast while you walk and enjoy being outside for a short time.

Home Workouts

For those that are missing heading to the gym there are thousands of online workouts to try! Most at home videos require little or no equipment and can be done in your backyard or living room. There are even heaps of online workouts specifically for people living in apartments with exercises that won’t bother your downstairs neighbour. If you need weights grab some canned veggies or a bag of rice to use. If you’re happy to invest your gym membership into an online program, Sweat by Kayla Itsines’ has a range of 28-minute workouts or try out Chris Hemsworth’s program Center which starts at just $10 per month!

Getting moving in isolation can be one way to stay mentally and physically active and healthy. Try out one of these the next time you get bored for an instant mood booster!

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