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What Next? Navigating life after law school. ‘Alternatives’ to alternative careers in law.

Student Contribution: Zoe Ellis

You’ve done it. You’re in your last year in law school. You made it! But what comes next? Clerkships? You missed those. Internships? They haven’t yielded any offers. So now, you’re left with a few choices. And your friendly DI Reporter is here to walk you through four of them.

Option One: Get a Masters of Teaching and spend the rest of your days regaling your students with stories of your (non-existent) time as a lawyer.

You’ve had them. The high school history teacher who got their law/arts bachelors and then instead of practice, went into teaching. Now, all they’re concerned with is reliving the glory days. That time they nearly got a job with Allens. How they nearly ended up at the OPP and could have been the next lawyer X... This option is open for you! Want to spend your days talking about the career you could have had if only you hadn’t been called to teaching? Enrol in your masters of teaching and have a captive audience for the rest of your life!

Option Two: Become a travel vlogger and use your legal knowledge to make travel insurance claims when you miss a train.

Remember that time you were stuck at the airport trying to check your bags, but the line wasn’t moving because there was someone at the front arguing with the airline that the lack of free peanuts on their first flight meant their consumer guarantees entitled them to a first class upgrade on their connection…this could be you! All you need to do is buy a camera, chuck on some Bali 'happy pants', and you’re ready to rock and roll. Use that legal knowledge you were taught to score travel upgrades. You know that’s what it’s for.

Option Three: Move back into your parent’s basement and open a consulting business.

Let’s be real. Your housemates are annoying. Besides, you’re a law grad now. They’re beneath you. But, you haven’t been admitted to practice and the K-mart you work at is just not cutting solo rent. Solution: move back in with your parents. You’re their law-school-grad child. Their pride and joy. So if you announce you’ll be starting your new consulting business from their basement, they’re of course going to be thrilled. You're not a deadbeat. You're an entrepreneur.

Option Four: Gain YouTube fame by reviewing famous legal media.

Suits? Sure, it's fun, but how legally accurate is it? Legally Blonde? More like Illegally badgering a witness. You've sucked the fun out of social occasions for year by interjecting with 'Well, actually...' Why not such the fun out of every and all media that dares attempt to portray the legal system? Many a successful YouTube career has been built out of analysing a perfectly innocent procedural drama and saying 'well, technically...". Why not try your hand at it? We hear Youtube pays better than top tier commerical firms these days!

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