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Week 11: Law students remain shocked that time moves linearly

Group chats among Deakin Law friendship circles are reportedly alight with commiserations that it is, in fact, week 11.

“Omg how is it week 11 already?!” Third-year student Ricky Booth types into his group chat with a smattering of emojis to punctuate his point.

His friends, all fellow third years currently in the midst of their Land lectures, sent through similar sentiments and agreement that wow, they can’t believe it is already the end of the trimester.

Reports have found telling students that time moves linearly isn’t enough to assuage their shock. The mere fact that last week was week 10, and the week before was week 9, and this has been an ongoing phenomenon cannot placate students’ surprise every time week 11 rolls around.

“I feel like it was week 1 yesterday!” Kristin Robbins tells Damages Incurred.

“Like, it was week 1, and then week 2, and then some clump of time passed and now it’s the end of the year? It’s a lot” Robbins remarks. She then cut the interview short when she suddenly realised she should really get started on exam revision.

“I swear I had like, a month until exams. But guess not!”

Reporters at Damages Incurred remain baffled that students are so taken aback whenever week 11 arrives. Despite reminders on CloudDeakin, time moving at a constant speed, and calendars readily available on smartphones, it seems no amount of hard evidence can prevent students from being inexplicably shocked that yes, 11 weeks and a mid-trimester break have passed since those introductory lectures.

Expert forecasts say a similar phenomenon will dawn on students when T1 2021 rolls around. More on this as it develops.



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