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Study finds that first year law students are being given 'a lot of content to go through'.

Student contribution: Daniel Lai

A recent study shows that the amount of work allocated to first year law students at Deakin University is far more than expected.

In a survey conducted, it was found that 100 per cent of Deakin University’s first year law students felt that they were being given a disproportionate amount of work despite definitely managing their time really well.

Halfway through his first trimester, one student, Vincent Gambini, said that it was unfair.

“I swear I definitely set time to go through the content and don’t just go through it right before a class", he said.

“I don’t even spend that much time on TikTok, and I only go out for drinks occasionally – like once a week if you don’t count house parties.”

Fourth year law student, Mike Losser, says that perceived workload is relative.

“[They] should see what I have to do.”

"There's just as much reading required for MLL110 as there is for MLL424...they're just...different words."

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