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Student With 9 Hours Of Screen Time Decides That Her Phone Is Broken

Student contribution: Sophie McIntyre

A shocked fourth-year law/commerce student, Susie Andrews, finds that, again, her screen time has increased. An average of nine hours and 42 minutes per day indicates that “there must be a glitch in the system”.

Friends of Susie weren’t surprised, reporting she “is on her phone literally 24/7” and “never takes more than a minute to answer” their messages.

Susie claims most of her screen time is work-related. This is an interesting claim as a law clerk whose work is largely computer-based. As an aside, everyone knows about her law job as she is always posting Instagram stories from said phone about it.

Susie appears to blame the overuse on her studies, reportedly saying “you know, I have my e-books on my phone”. Followers of her Instagram profile know this is probably true as they recall Susie's daily photo of a stack of books and a cup of coffee.

Time to set a new goal, Susie downloads a habit tracker app on her phone to break the habit of using her phone.

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