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Student Contribution: Madeleine French

Today we bring you a warning story. As we continue to transition from 24-hour to 2-hour exams, we sought to collect the best tips and tricks for our readers. Little did we know we would stumble onto this distressing story.

Ben positioned himself before his nominated exam computer in building B, notes open and ready to go. The clock hit 9 and he swiftly downloaded the exam and began his read, taking dot points along the way. He began to carefully craft his responses, watching the time closely to ensure he finishes both questions in the 2.5 hours.

Finding the exam easier than he anticipated, he sighed with relief as finished the first question 45 minutes in. He moved to copy what he had written into the answer box only to be met with 'error'. Stress and anxiety came across Ben's face as he remembered the numerous instructions that cautioned against the use of such a technical skill as Ctrl C and Ctrl V.

Frantically, Ben wrestled with his keyboard, striving to retype his meticulously constructed response, yet his fingers rebelled against the manual labour demanded of them. With each passing minute, his frustration soared to new heights. As the final moments of the exam dwindled away, Ben emerged victorious, his brow creased with the sweat of triumph, as he successfully completed both questions. He had not only conquered the exam but also overcome the treacherous copy-paste prohibition, emerging from the ordeal lesson learnt, never to repeat the same mistake.

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