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Starry-eyed First Year gets the Morgan's Walk Experience

Student contribution: James Dance

Robert Miller, a first-year law/international studies student, was ready for a fresh start. “I decided to start in T2 because my plan was to spend T1 travelling. I don’t know, I had a bout of optimism when I was working out my future plans late last year.”

Having spent his first six months of freedom from school working full-time in the stead of grandiose overseas travel, Robert was excited by the prospect of returning to a bustling environment of young people. “I was the youngest by at least 13 years where I was working,” Robert reported. “I can’t wait to be amongst my age again.”

Arriving at Morgan’s Walk on Monday morning, Robert couldn’t contain his excitement. “I was going to sign up to a sport team, meet a cheerleader and find myself at a party full of red solo cups.”

The clock struck 10:15am. Robert convinced himself that it’s only because uni students always sleep in. “Surely, they’ll all be here soon and everything will get cracking.” By 12:30pm, however, Robert had lost hoped. There are only so many times he could walk by the bank booths, free water bottles and the guy hyping up an empty crowd through a megaphone about a competition no one will enter. At one point, Robert considered whether it was in fact still the trimester break.

“I’m not going to stick around any longer. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Everyone hates Mondays, anyway.”

Robert returned to his car parked near LC, not knowing that he could have parked in the H complex and saved himself a five-minute walk.

The initial pride Robert felt in working out the CellOPark app was swiftly quashed by the sight of a white ticket under one of his windscreen wipers. “Oh, so the orange lines are orange for a reason.”

Tuesday was no improvement.

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