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Roommate finds law student uncontrollably sobbing after attempting essay research

Student Contribution: Jordan Cook

“I walked in and found Alice on the floor sobbing uncontrollably… It was horrible, she had about 50 different tabs open on her laptop, textbooks were strewn everywhere and she was muttering cases and the different courts underneath her breath between sobs. She really is a constant reminder of why I decided not to pursue law.”

This is the recount of Jennie, Alice’s roommate who found her trying to start research for a contract law essay she had due in a couple days.

Our correspondent gathered that Alice had attempted to spend the day researching and then the next few writing so she could meet the deadline. However, after several hours and many different spirals going from CaseBase, WestLaw, AustLii and every other dodgy case website she could find, she slowly realised that no case could ever help her make her argument.

It was then that the true spiral started, she realised that she had too many tabs open to keep track of and she couldn’t even make a desperate attempt to write anything as she wasn’t even completely sure what she should be writing about. We assume that she had descended into a full meltdown for at least a couple of hours before Jennie had found her.

Alice is now in the hospital resting and her professor has granted her an extension, however she still has no idea about the content or the cases she can use. Our correspondent decided not to remind her about the essay for criminal law due in the next week.

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