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Ripped Off! Law student fuming that all free pens from O-week contain black ink.

Student Contribution: Zoe Ellis

Local student Amelia Pond was today outraged to find out that she had been ripped off after a day at Deakin O-week.

Ms. Pond, who is going into her third year of Law at Deakin, headed into O-Week with single minded focus.

“I was ready. I went in, bought my 2023 DLSS membership, and then started the rounds of the tables. A pen from the Deakin Running Club, a pen from DUSA, a pen from the Deakin Chess club, three pens from the Commerce Society just because I could.”

But when she arrived back home to her Hawthorn share house, Ms Pond realised she had been duped.

“I started testing all my pens and it was then I realised what had happened. They all had black ink!”

It’s common knowledge that black ink is far inferior to its blue counterpart. In fact, a recent survey of Deakin students found that 97% of students found blue ink to be the best pen colour, leaving just 3% of students who were wrong. It is of course, no surprise that Ms Pond was “disgusted” to find out that her O-week haul was sub-par product.

“It’s just not okay. There’s certain things you’re entitled to, as a student, and I would say that free blue pens at O-week are one of those entitlements.

Our reporter wishes to note that all pens at the DLSS marque did, in fact, contain blue ink.



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