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Productivity at an All-Time High for Law Student planning her Euro Summer Holiday

Student Contribution: Ruby Evans

Another day opening up her Property Law textbook, the purple bushes on the front cover are etched into Vanessa’s brain as she picks up where she left off yesterday. It might be Week 9 already, but the finish line feels so far away (not to mention all the readings left to catch up on). The only thing getting her through is the anticipated Euro Summer trip she’s currently planning with her work friends during the mid-year break.

Slumped over her textbook, the thought of spaghetti and an Aperol Spritz on the cobblestone streets of Sicily after a sunny day at the beach is too much to bear. And just like magic, Vanessa is overcome with a motivation her keyboard hasn’t seen since Week One. 

Villa in Mykonos here, boat cruise in Split there, her speed and efficiency is unparalleled researching and discussing back and forth with her work friends as if on Teams the day before a group assignment is due. 

In the stretch of 5 hours, she has done the unthinkable - booked and organised half of her Euro Summer trip. She’s ecstatic and filled with so much excitement that she can hardly contain herself. After a few minutes she notices her Property Law textbook which has been closed the whole time, the purple bushes haunting her yet again. 

“I’ll finish it off tomorrow,” she sighs.

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