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All about Deakin's support services

Feeling the pressure of new subjects? Or are you a new student and looking for advice on assignments, study tips or the best coffee on campus? Deakin has a range of support services to assist with all your concerns!

Peer Mentors

There are some tips about Uni life, that you just can’t get from lectures or the Deakin website. The best way to find out about everything Deakin is from current students. Thankfully, the Business and Law Faculty runs a Student Mentoring program connecting current students with a small group of first years to help you answer any questions you may have. From helping you to meet other students to where to find your classrooms, peer mentors can be a huge help.

Drop-In Station

If you’re struggling with a tough assignment or just want some feedback on your study and writing skills, there is a range of Deakin mentors to help.

You can spend 30 minutes with the Deakin Language and Learning Advisors going over your assignments, working on your legal writing skills or finding out what study techniques could be useful to you throughout your degree. If you’re looking for something a little less formal or for just a quick question, the Deakin Writing Mentors have a drop-in station on campus and have online tools for you to shoot them a query or gain help with your next assignment.


We’ve all been told by someone just how competitive it is to get a job in the legal profession. DeakinTALENT is here to help! They provide a range of services to help you stand out once you finish your degree.

They offer workshops and programs designed to help prepare you to find employment such as resume reviews and career coaching. Check out their website for more information.

Deakin Library

The library is the best place to go when you’re stuck trying to research case law or need to print another practise exam. The library is open 24/7 for those times when you’ve left an assignment until the night before, but also has services to help you complete it, such as librarians to help you understand the research databases which can often be confusing. You can book study rooms and booths for uninterrupted study or group assignments or ask for assistance from one of the research librarians.

And if you even find yourself stuck with an assignment issue that you’ve left until the night before or are studying late in the library, the online tutoring service, Smarthinking, is your best bet! The service can connect you with a tutor 24 hours a day.

So there you have a few examples of the amazing support services available to us during your time at Deakin, we hope you take advantage of them!

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