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Competitions at Deakin

Studying law can be extremely challenging and time consuming, even in early years. The thought of taking part in an extra-curricular might seem daunting or like a waste of time. Alternatively, you might be looking to broaden your horizons past the conventional university experience. Look no further than the many legal competitions you can compete in, starting from as early as first year!

Competitions provide students with invaluable experience which cannot be taught in a classroom. Not only do they enhance your verbal communication skills and teach you to orally negotiate, interview, or argue, but also to think on your feet. The vast majority of students find competitions a thoroughly enjoyable experience and do not regret signing up.

Whilst the prospect of participating in competitions can seem intimidating, they serve the purpose of providing students with a training ground for their future career, should they wish to enter the legal profession. Everyone is a beginner, so it is important to approach each competition as a positive experience – no one is there to criticise you or destroy your confidence!

The competitions portfolio runs various competitions; each aimed at a different year level and developing a different skill set. In each competition, you and your partner will be provided with a set of facts and will work together to present the best argument. We run competitions in Mooting, Negotiation, Client Interview, Witness Examination and our new technology-based competition, Legal Innovation. No matter your experience or area of interest, there is a competition for you!

Still not sure whether to compete? Read our FAQ’s below!

What if I don’t know anyone? All DLSS competitions have a ‘No Partner? No Problem!’ policy. If you don’t have a friend to compete with, sign up on your own and we will match you with another student to compete with. This is a great way to meet new people and to learn from your peers.

How do I sign up? Check the DLSS Facebook page for updates on when competitions will be held and how to sign up! There will generally be a sign up link in a competition’s Facebook event that will take you to an easy, online sign-up link!

What do I wear? All DLSS competitions have a ‘corporate attire’ dress code. Think of the outfit you would wear to an interview for your dream job!

How do the competitions work? You will be given a fact scenario and told how to prepare your arguments/case for a particular competition. For more info on specific competitions, check out the DLSS website for our previously published Mooting, Negotiation and Client Interview Guides. Due to the situation surrounding COVID, competitions are currently held online, details are provided upon registration.

What if I have a question? The DLSS Competitions Portfolio is here to support students and help you be your best competitive selves! If you have any competitions questions, please email

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