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Old Friends Of Law Students Ask For Free Legal Advice

Student contribution: Jess Riordan

Law students have universally voted 'no' to the expectation that they will give free legal advice and representation to their old high school friends.

"Oh, you're studying law? Maybe you can help me out for free someday if I get into trouble," they say. The law student holds back the urge to responds with “oh, you’re studying carpentry at TAFE? Well you can build my house for free right?” Instead, the law student gives a fake laugh and says “maybe one day”, knowing full well that they will ignore their call when the day comes.

Yes, law students went to law school so they could help people. But no, they will not read a 200 page contract to make sure “it’s all good”, or go to court to represent you for “punching a tosser at the pub”.

We are a kind and generous breed that believes in justice for all, but if we're in a beer garden in the early evening of a Saturday, do not ask us how you can sue your neighbour because you don't like the colour of your shared fence.

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