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Mystery Student Suddenly Attends Classes at the end of the Semester

Student Contribution: Megan Sanidad

With exam season approaching in a few weeks, caffeine fuelled law students have been seen scrambling to catch up on content in an attempt to avoid the inevitable cramming sessions the night before an exam.

Our correspondents witnessed one student in particular (who will remain unnamed) who began attending classes in the past week. Our reporters were left confused as this mystery student had seemingly never set foot on the Deakin Burwood campus before.

The mystery student was questioned by our correspondents. The student sighed, “Yes, I am indeed a student at Deakin.”

“I went to classes during the first week of the semester.” The student confirmed.

“I promised myself I would attend all my classes each week this semester … but it’s just like any other semester …” The student trailed off, stared into the distance and took a long sip of their black coffee.

Our correspondents were shocked to hear this, however this is not the first time a case like this has occurred.

One of our correspondent’s confirmed that they had witnessed another student suddenly appearing in class towards the end of the semester.

“This student was more hopeful, however.” Our correspondent reported. “They were convinced that they could catch up on almost ten weeks worth of work in the last few weeks.”

Legend says that with enough coffee and drive, this is indeed possible.

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