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MLL391 Study Group Schedules First Meeting Several Days After The Exam

Student contribution: Patricia Clarke

Damages Incurred has today interviewed three members of a local Civil Procedure study group, who allegedly only managed to meet up for the first time two days after the conclusion of the exam.

Third-year student Katelyn Miller was happy to explain things to our reporter. “We made a group chat after the first seminar, when we were all really motivated,” she said, laughing. “Then spent the whole trimester saying, ‘Yeah, we’ll set a date next week.’ But someone always had work.”

“Then after the exam, we felt so guilty that we caught up for coffee. Felt like a waste otherwise.”

“We didn’t talk about Civ Pro, though.”

Over-achieving second-year student Nick Glassy was reportedly horrified by the lack of ambition his peers were showing. “It’s almost like they don’t want to spend time on study!” he said, happily oblivious to the fact that most law students do not, in fact, enjoy studying law.

At the other end of the spectrum was Mark Olden, a seventh-year Arts/Law student with no plans to graduate. “It’s just so hard to get people together,” he explained. “We have lives, you know? And this is only the second time I’ve retaken Civ Pro, so.” Our reporter attempted to clarify whether this meant Mark was on attempt #2 or #3, but was unsuccessful.

When asked whether she’ll catch up again, Katelyn was pragmatic. “You know … I don’t really want a reminder of any of this.”

“But obviously I’ll reach out if I have to retake it.”

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