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Midnight Mayhem: A Law Student's Horror as the Clock Strikes Twelve and CHAT GPT's 'Expertise' is just Fake Case Law!

Student Contribution: Priyanka Sharma

"This sentence make no sense! The law makes no sense! AGLC makes no sense.! WHY DID I CHOOSE THIS DEGREE?!" 

These tumultuous thoughts whirl through the mind of our Deakin Law Student as they desperately attempt to piece together their assignment on the brink of panic. With the deadline for their legal masterpiece looming ominously close, our intrepid law student makes a decision that many would (or wouldn't) dare to make: they turn to their faithful virtual assistant, CHATGPT, for guidance in sculpting the perfect argument.

As the clock strikes midnight, they exhale a sigh of relief, convinced that their assignment, worthy of a High Distinction, is finally completed, submitted and promptly forgotten.

However, their sense of accomplishment takes a sudden nosedive when their 'HD-worthy assignment' takes a detour to Turnitin. There, every case law, case number, and the names of involved parties is analysed. Yet, the wider Turnitin searches, the more glaringly zero results flashback in mocking defiance.

It turns out that CHATGPT has led our Deakin Law student astray. The case law it provided was not only irrelevant and absurd, but outright non-existent. References to fictional characters, nonsensical legal doctrines, and even citations from children's books have inexplicably infiltrated what was otherwise an impeccable argument.

Our Deakin Law student is left with the polar opposite of an 'HD-worthy assignment' and a valuable lesson learned.

Who would've thought that a late-night rendezvous with a virtual assistant, the infamous Miss CHATGPT herself, could result in such calamity?

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