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Law/criminology student forgot how annoying people are in real life

Student contribution: Sophie Lean

Our field reporter recently interviewed Natalie Lacey, a third-year law/criminology student, on their transition back to in-person learning at Deakin. She lamented that it has "been pretty annoying in general."

Speaking with other students, similar complaints were also made including: people stopping in the middle of the hallways and Morgans Walk; B.O; loud talking whilst professors are giving instructions; bad breath; slow walking; the inability to pretend you didn't hear someone; waiting to get home before you can cry; and, general eye contact and the expectation of conversation.

"I just forgot how annoying people are. Like, I’m seriously considering going back to online learning if one more person asks me where building HD is or how my weekend was."

Commenting on the awkwardness of silences during seminars, the third-year student said that it's no worse than the online equivalent. "In a way, I kind of miss the lingering last two minutes where one question is asked and everyone slowly and hesitantly leaves the room."

We have since tried to reach Natalie for follow-up comments, but she is no where to be found on campus.



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