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Local law student promises she’ll stay up to date this year


Friends of Carol Huff are not surprised when she rocks up to the Deakin Library and promises she’s finally going to stay up to date with uni. 

Carol, now in her fourth year of a Bachelor of Laws, has repeated this promise year after year. Maybe if she says it enough times, it’ll finally come true. 

Opening up CloudDeakin for the first time this Trimester, she said “I’m going to really knuckle down and not fall behind this year. 2020 is definitely my year.” 

2019, 2018 and 2017 were all her year as well, but reports indicate she was still pulling her hair out at SWOTVAC when she suddenly had to learn the whole course. 

When her friends pointed out how she makes this promise every year but inevitably falls behind, Carol was quick to defend herself.

“No, no. I swear I’ll stick to it this time!” 

Her declaration disturbed some of the students getting a start on their readings, but she didn’t notice. 

In her defence, her January was full of new year’s resolutions. Reports suggest she joined her local gym and has attended a total of 3 pilates classes. 

“Yeah, Carol came by and signed up for a membership on January 3rd. From memory, it was our 24-hour access and three classes a week package. It also included a body composition scan and a detailed weight loss meal plan.” Don Gallagher from GetFit recounts.

“I’m 150% certain that January 28th will be the last time I see Carol. But hey, we still get her direct debit every month.”

After highlighting an entire page of her Property Law textbook, Carol calls it a day and heads home. She can watch that lecture tomorrow. 

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