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Local law student comes to new law building to sit in awe (and do nothing else)

Student contribution: Antonia Seriatos

A recent study shows that despite the addition of the brand new law school

building (building LC) on Elgar Road, Deakin law students are being less

productive with their time.

It’s reported that although the building boasts new and clean study

spaces to cater to law students at various stages of their degree, students

are solely coming to the building to ‘hang out’ with their friends, complain

about the lack of jobs in the field and merely stare and sit in awe at the

architectural brilliance.

Prior to the unveiling of the building, Damages Incurred interviewed third

year law student Alison Smith who said, “I definitely think that I will

be much more productive.”

Smith went on to highlight the struggles she had faced in the first two

years of her degree sharing the library with students who didn’t study law.

“I just think I can start fresh with a new building; I will be there every day


Similar sentiments were echoed by second year law student Mason Jones

who is very excited to begin his first year studying on campus. “Yeah, all

of last year I stared at the same four walls in my room trying to study

during lockdown, so this is very exciting for me.”

Since the grand opening of the building, LC security and staff have told

Damages Incurred that they mainly see law students use the elevator with

their friends to visit the outdoor terrace and see the moot court but are

yet to see anyone actually study.

Damages Incurred has reached out to Alison and Mason for follow-up comments but these requests have been declined as they are catching up on the work they didn’t

complete due to their 'productivity'.

More to come.

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