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Little Bang barista walks after another law student attempted to order using IRAC

Student Contribution: Jordan Cook

Our correspondent joins us from the ground floor of Deakin’s newest and, arguably, most beautiful building, the Law Building, where the coffee shop, Little Bang, has been a haven for the law cohort during the past year.

She watches as another student (most likely first year) goes up and stands at the counter, looking stumped.

She then smiles to herself and says,

Issue; ok, how do I receive a soy chai latte?

Rule; I must ask and pay for the coffee

Application; … can I have a soy chai latte? Here is my card!

Conclusion; oh thank god! I see him making it!”

After sitting down with the barista who walked out, and being a witness to this conglomeration of coffee-obsessed law students who also have little to no social skills, our correspondent can understand the reason for his quitting.

“I was just over it! I am completing a business degree and have my own work to worry about, I can’t be hearing the IRAC formula over and over again,” the barista comments.

We also sat down with a law professor for first year, who proudly declares she brings up IRAC at every chance she can, drilling it into her students, as “it sets them up for success in future life!”

Our correspondent, who is a fourth-year law student herself, tries to tell herself that she was never this obsessed with IRAC but also seemed relieved at the thought that she did not have a coffee shop near her classes in first year.

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