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Law student who has only ever attended five classes swears that “this year will be different”

Student Contribution: Jordan Cook

Today we meet with Sally, a third year law student who is fresh off her holiday down on the Mornington Peninsula and ready to “finally take law school seriously”. Sally, who has surprisingly made it through two years of law school already has only ever attended five classes, shocking our reporting staff.

“My first year I was going out, meeting people in O-Week and then I walked into my first class with enthusiasm. However, I quickly realised that I did not want to be there and walked out. Needless to say, I could not face that class again, or any classes for that matter and refused to go again.”

Sally claims she is able to complete her assignments the weekend before they are due and can scrape through in exams, and therefore has no need to attend. However, she seems to have set herself some pretty ambitious New Year’s resolutions for the coming year with the goal of attending all her classes and completing all her readings.

We reached out to some of Sally’s peers in hopes for a comment on her work ethic however most did not know who she was and the ones who did could only vaguely remember a disgruntled girl from their first class.

Our team will try to follow Sally throughout the year as we wish her the best of luck, however we have a slight feeling that she will ghost us within the first week.



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