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Law student spotted crying in LC as ChatGPT doesn’t create assignment due tomorrow

Student Contribution: Madeleine French

A third-year law student, Damian, has just been overheard sobbing as timid first years move their MacBook Pros away from the distressed student whilst muttering “law isn’t even that hard I just submitted my IRAC outline for 20% of my grade”.

The student, a normally upbeat and bubbly personality, was distraught today as our on-campus interviewers assessed the damages incurred and discovered that he has a 3000-word Property Law research essay due tomorrow. Damian stated to interviewers that he saw a TikTok saying ChatGPT was the perfect study tool in every ‘law school survival kit’ but to his dismay every case provided was American.

“I don’t even know what Property law is yet and I’m on week 5” he sobbed, scrolling through LexisNexus with a whopping 47 tabs open as his laptop began to overheat.

The student was last spotted in Student Central asking how to drop a subject and when the census date was. Stay tuned for a follow up interview next year as Damian re-takes Property Law.

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