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Law Student shunned from friend group after they found out he used Wikipedia

Student Contribution: Jordan Cook

Have these law students taken this too far? This is the question we put to you, the readers after hearing this story sent to us by a student at Deakin…

Five friends who formed a group in law school have decided to ignore their sixth friend after he chose to use and cite Wikipedia for his essay research. “I was helping him proofread his essay for his con law class and I reached the bibliography only to find Wikipedia listed as a reference! He even had

the gall to include it in there! After seeing this abomination, I promptly declared that we could no longer be friends and I had to tell the others,” one of the members recounts.

It is understood that from there, the so-called friends began ignoring this friend’s messages, calls, and even moving away from him in class and not answering him in the halls, claiming they “were too embarrassed to be seen with him.” It is unclear to our correspondent if the member has handed in his essay citing wikipedia or has tried to repair his friendships with the group.

After a discussion with members of our office, we must ask ourselves if these law students have taken themselves too seriously and if the ego of attending law school has reached new heights after letting a citation ruin friendships. Therefore, it goes out to our readers… have the new generation of law students become too arrogant and self-righteous?



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