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Law Student frantically makes an attempt on all of their readings for the trimester

Student Contribution: Jordan Cook

We are joined in the library today with Max, who has just come to the soul-crushing realisation that he is two weeks out from exams, and on to the last week of content, however has not even read the covers of his $600 worth of textbooks.

To his credit, Max has made a solid attempt to make his way through the content for the trimester, however his one major downfall? Telling himself that he will ‘complete the readings next week’. Now well and truly into the Trimester and about to head into exam season, Max, who has 11 weeks worth of readings to complete is having a full blown mental breakdown, as he attempts to schedule reading close to a thousand pages of textbooks over the course of the next two weeks.

“I just… I thought I would have had time to do the readings next week… but then next week rolls around and I think to myself well I can’t start four weeks worth of readings now, I’ll just make my way through them the week after!”

It’s a vicious cycle that these law students find themselves caught up in, leading to total panic in the final weeks of the trimester. However, our reporter claims that Max is not alone, being able to spot at least 12 other law students in the same predicament in just that one area of the library. Unfortunately this was all we were able to ascertain from her as she then ran off to go find out if she could borrow her textbooks from the library after even failing to purchase them for the trimester!

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