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Law Student Forgets Content from Previous Unit

Student Contribution: Megan Sanidad

As second trimester creeps in, a study group is seen reconvening in class after the hectic, caffeine fuelled rush of exams from the previous trimester.

“I can’t believe we’ve basically completed half the subjects from the Priestly 11...” third-year law student Diana exclaims.

The students begin to discuss content they have learnt throughout their degree – from first year to last trimester.

“Yes… I noticed a lot of content in one of my other units relate back to principles we studied in contract law.” Another student notes.

Other third-year law student, Ava, stares into the distance… was Contract law last year? First year? This year? Last trimester? Did I even study contract law yet? She ponders. Panic begins to set in as Ava opens DeakinSync and stares at the little blue bar with the amount of credit points she has achieved so far.

Our correspondent captured this ordeal – “I don’t even remember what I had for dinner last night,” a worried Ava shakes her head.

Ava does nothing but smile and nod as her peers talk about their best and worst exams from previous units.

“I’m sure it’ll come back to me…” she mentioned to our correspondent. “There are many factors that may be contributing to my memory loss. It’s probably just my lack of sleep.” she convinces herself.

Our correspondent wished her luck in retrieving her memories – however, recent reports suggest that on any given day, Ava still cannot remember what she ate for dinner the previous night. Stay tuned.



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