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Law student devastated upon discovery he is somehow already a week behind after forgetting to comple

Jack Enticott

As law students return to their studies after a three-week hiatus, many vowed this trimester would be different.

Along with hoards of others, a local law student, Ben Johnson, convinced himself he would stay up to date with each week’s readings, lectures and seminars for the entirety of the trimester. That, he decided, would set him up for stellar exam performance.

However, upon attendance at his first Torts seminar, Ben was shocked to find that his peers already understood the content. Confused and embarrassed, Ben muted his microphone and turned off his camera, growing increasingly frustrated as his classmates eloquently flouted their understanding of compensatory damages.

As the seminar dragged on, it became apparent that he was supposed to have completed pre-readings.

“For goodness sake,” exclaimed Ben. “The trimester just bloody started and I’ve already found a way to fall behind. Why do this to myself every time?”

Ben promised himself he would catch up on the readings as soon as the seminar finished. But, deep down, he knew this was the start of another trimester like the last. Before long, he would be four weeks behind with no chance of catching up.

“It’s a joke anyway. As if they expect us to shorten our holidays to study for the next trimester. My exams only just finished. I didn’t even know which units I was doing until yesterday. Surely the unit should just be introduced in the first lecture.”

With his goal of staying on track already having failed, Ben left the seminar early. Sources close to Ben suggest he spent the rest of his afternoon contemplating a change of degree whilst listening to introductory videos on 2x speed.

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