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Law Student brings action against Hollywood Legal Show after it set unrealistic expectations

Student Contribution: Jordan Cook

Our correspondent joins us in the courts today as a law student (unnamed for privacy reasons) has decided to bring action against a legal show for raising unrealistic expectations.

The student, who watched the show religiously, believed law would be a breeze with attractive lawyers, secretaries and paralegals, high-profile cases that would be solved with a night of sushi and hard work, and somehow he would gain an insane photographic memory in the process.

However, after just two and a half years at law school, he’s decided to throw in the towel after being left reeling over his last grade on his 17th essay and disgusted at the work that had been piling up week after week.

“Watching the show was an escape from year 12, it made me decide I wanted to be a lawyer. But law school? Law school was rough. I hated it, and I actually had to do work? Also no one there was actually that good-looking anyway,” the law student complains.

After unsuccessfully trying to find a lawyer to take his case, he has decided to bring the action himself, however will he succeed after only 2 and half years of law school? Our correspondent seems sceptical, however the law student seems very self-assured after deciding the actual, real-world legal process itself can’t be that difficult to comprehend…



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