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Law Student Blacklisted From Deakin Library After Being Found “In Hiding” After Hours

Student Contribution: Selena Zhang

A Deakin law student, who had been reported missing by his family members for two days, was found last Sunday living in the university's library.

The student wishes to remain anonymous, but explained that he had been under an enormous amount of pressure to submit his clerkship applications in time while also balancing his workload with upcoming assignments.

Our reporters made enquiries to Deakin Library's security staff, who spotted the student in CCTV footage which revealed the student setting up camp in one of the library booths on the ground floor.

The security guard described the incident initially as "just another student taking a short break from their studies" however, found that when running his last minute checks of the library after hours, the student was buried amongst a pile of pillows in attempts to remain hidden.

The incident has raised some concerns among parents, questioning whether or not a career in law is appropriate for the mental wellbeing of their children.

The university, however, has released a statement ensuring that "the library will continue to be closely monitored after hours by our security staff" and that "this behaviour is not condoned in any way. Any student in need of assistance with their study workload is encouraged to speak with their unit chair, or even better, seek help from the University's student support services."



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