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JD Student Adds to List of Cases to Read in Non-Existent Own Time

Student contribution: Jordan Dittloff

A JD student shared their excitement with Damages Incurred at being advised to read an additional case in their own time during a Torts lecture today.

“I’ve looked at my schedule,” the student enthused, “and I think if I can get the text to speech function working properly on my phone and hook it up to my Bluetooth speaker at the right volume I can listen to Avenhouse v The Council of the Shire of Hornsby while I’m in the shower.”

The student, despite wishing to remain anonymous, claimed that they saw no incompatibility between the demands of lecturers and their increasingly crowded diary.

“Look, it is what it is. This is preparing me for the transition from managing a high performing team in the health sector to conducting research, punching billable hours, and getting coffee for senior lawyers. This stuff doesn’t just happen, you know.”

The zoom interview, featuring a background that bore a remarkable resemblance to the cubicle of a workplace staff toilet, was hurriedly cut short at the sound of a door opening.

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