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How to Catch a Law Student in the Wild

Student Contribution: Priyanka Sharma

In a world where casual Fridays have become an unspoken religion and semi-formal basically means casual with a blazer, law students stand definitely against the idea of comfortable clothing. 

In fact, even when it is your average Sunday arvo, with the hottest weather and people opting for shorts and a tee, Law Students are walking down the street like they’re about to deliver a closing argument at the Supreme Court. Tie’s are perfectly knotted, shoes are polished to a blinding shine and their briefcase looks like it holds the answers to everything. (spoiler alert: it's just tons of assignment briefs)

Law Students dedication to formal attire knows no bounds. Barbecues, beach outings, even the occasional game night – you name it, they’re there, dressed to the nines. Unfortunately, non-law student friends have stopped inviting these individuals out because they are tired of being the tripod whilst filming  his ‘What I Wear (Every)Day (Corporate Edition)’ Tik Tok’s. 

Law Students firmly believe that dressing like they’re about to depose a witness is the key to success in every aspect of life. Job interview? Three-piece suit, naturally. Grocery shopping? Bow tie and pocket square, because you never know when you'll run into your future employer in the confectionary aisle.

Their commitment to corporate wear excellence has earned them many admirers – mostly confused tourists who mistake them for Parliamentarians, but, for the most part, their fashion choices are something we're all dying to achieve.

So next time you see a sharply dressed individual at  the Footy, Macca’s or even the Gym, you’ll know that they're definitely a law student. 

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