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Hot topic: Does attending classes whilst behind on content actually work?

Student Contribution: Jordan Cook

We’re coming up to the final weeks of the Trimester and it’s a well known fact that law students have extremely busy schedules. Between working a job (or three) and having a social life, it’s hard to make time for uni. So it’s understandable when we start to fall behind, starting with a simple “this week’s content that isn’t even on the exam, I’ll watch the recording later” to “why am I suddenly three weeks behind?” (Unfortunately this writer knows that sentiment a little too well for her liking.)

Here lies the all too common conundrum for law students: does going to a class where you are several weeks behind on the content actually have any benefit?

We would all like to think that we will turn up to class, magically understand the content for the week (without knowing any of the prior context) and suddenly manage to catch up with life being all sunshine and rainbows. However, in the real world, what really ends up happening is that you sit in class, chatting away with your friends and have not in fact registered a single word which has been said.

Using this logic, it would seem that no, attending class without knowing the content provides little benefit. However, that golden opportunity to grab a coffee from Little Bang, ignore all other work for an hour or two and catch up with the latest gossip all whilst being able to say “I went to class today” is just too good for law students to resist. Therefore, this writer happily contends that attending classes without being caught up on content is definitely the way to go.

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