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Heartbroken: First year law student reminisces on 3-week friendship after classmate never returns to class

Student Contribution: Ruby Evans

What a daunting moment it is when you enter your week one tutorial not recognising a single face. Where you sit is a make or break choice that will determine the seating arrangement and study groups for the rest of the semester. Your only hope is to scan the room, assess everyone’s friendliness at only a glance, and take your pick while remaining cool, calm and collected. 

Our reporter met with first year student Samantha, who said this was the beginning of the end for her in her trimester 1 Criminal Law class. “All of my friends got their preferred STAR tutorial except for me” she groaned. 

However, she told us that she luckily found a seat next to a wonderfully funny, down to earth girl named Antonia. “She made me look forward to those dry, monotonous tutorials every week!” She beamed as she said this, with a twinkle in her eye. “Then in week 4, she didn’t show up. Week 5 rolled around, Week 6, and she never returned. I thought I’d found a lifelong friend, let alone a degree-long one. I was distraught.” 

Thankfully Samantha had made some other friends, but the hole in her heart would never be filled. “I mean, I totally get it considering 75% of the class eventually disappeared by Week 11 anyway. But I felt betrayed.”

As of this story we have no clue what happened to Antonia, however it can be reasonably assumed that she realised she could watch the recordings from bed.

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